Friday, October 14, 2005

I'll stop posting excerpts and links from other people's sites soon, but right now, just bear with me.

These are just too good and too cool to resist.
  • Useful: If your Mandarin is anywhere as shite as mine is, then you're in need of some serious help. Try ChinesePod where you can learn Chinese with free daily podcasts. It's geared more towards beginners and hopeless people like me.
  • Music: A list of the top 101 and 100 Love Songs by Flamepillar and Mike respectvely on Epinions. The obvious tracks such as Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me and U2 - All I Wand Is You as well as U2 - With or Without You figure here. There're also some nice inclusions are Everything But The Girl - Single and Michelle Branch - Find Your Way Back.

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