Sunday, November 20, 2005

As per my usual birthday month tradition, I went out and splurged on little luxuries for myself. This year, in line with my recent dress-buying craze, I bought two vintage dresses from Dustbunny Vintage after making my way down to the shop's hard-to-find showroom at Chay Yan St. Note that as the dresses are not on display on their website, you will have to subscribe to their mailing list.

1) A black dress which fits me very well and looks incredible with the slim red belt Pia (the founder/owner of Dustbunny Vintage) suggested. Very Audrey Hepburn-esque.

2) An amazing white dress with black lace and bows designed by Bill Blass. It's one size too large for me but fortunately, there's a strappy option if I'm not able to find a tailor skilful enough to take in the top of the dress. As luck with have it, I still look amazingly sweet and elegant in it in spite of the size difference.
I realise I have two extremes when it comes to clothing. I either love vivid colours such as deep red or intense deep blue, or I like simple, classic combinations such as white and black. However, it's very rare to get me wearing something with polka dots or odd prints. Stripes are usually the furthest I go when it comes to prints.

There aren't that many good vintage shops in Singapore, as far as I know. If you're interested in vintage, you can talk to Pia, or you can check out these other stores (which I haven't tried yet): Granny's Day Out and Gee Wee Goes To New York.

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