Sunday, November 06, 2005

Late Saturday night was spent with two people I hadn't seen in a long time, one of which is a very close friend of mine. We somehow ended up at Liquid Kitchen in Upper Thomson Road (next to Long House) despite there being another Liquid Kitchen very close to where I live. I'd always wanted to go there because whenever I pass by, it looks as if there're people inside (as opposed to when the Blue Cow was there) and also because I like the decor. Sadly, the decor at the Upper Thomson outlet looks exactly the same as the one in River Valley. Oh well.

Anyway, ten minutes after my arrival, I accidentally managed to persuade my friend to purchase a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label, a process which involved him asking if we should get a bottle of wine, and me saying mock-forcefully, "Why wine? Vodka!!" and then he thought about it for a bit and said, "Okay" before our other friend intervened and said that vodka's too limited (with regards to mixers), why not go for something more worthwhile, and besides the bar will keep it for you and you get unlimited mixers as long as there's still alcohol in the bottle. So, voila, a bottle of Black Label it was. I love my persuasive abilities... especially when I'm not trying!

It was nice catching up with my friends, especially when it got to a point where I saw the two of them (ARMED FORCES MEN, they are) start playing with the Stitch soft toy I'd bought for one of them. We talked about almost everything: sports (one disillusioned Man Utd fan, another disillusioned Liverpool fan and a jaded Tottenham fan), computer games, vacations, trance music and the table of celebreties who were seated next to us (some local actors). Collectively, we sniggered at a guy's T-shirt which proclaimed "My mommy says I'm special" and then, shortly after 1 am, we'd finished about 1/3 of the bottle and decided that we might as well go home, because none of us were going to do any heavy drinking (one had to drive, another had to meet his girlfriend and I had to study).

So back home I went, to study until 3 am again. And this morning, I woke up to discover that I don't remember 75% of what I looked at last night. Dang.

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