Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Today has been a rather odd day.

First, the new IT support guy flirts with me over the telephone, telling me he thought my wallpaper (the photo in this post) was very beautiful, and so was my name... and that he was wondering whether I was as beautiful as they were. Yes, I was flattered but at the same time, a little uncomfortable because my personality at work is very much that - focused on work. But I also do think I tend to take things too seriously so I gave him the benefit of the thought. He was unable to resolve my problem remotely so he'll be dropping by tomorrow to fix it in person. I smell something fishy going on.

Then, I SMS what's going on to two male friends, A. and T.. These are their responses.
A.: Dud or stud?
Me: I don't know. It's over the phone.
A.: You better check.

T.: Chee hong bugger.
Me: I think that's the strongest language I've ever heard from you.
T.: I think the auntie gave me extra-strong coffee. Ask him how big his thumb drive is, and then tell him your boyfriend's is bigger.
Me: Ha ha ha!

Right after that, my colleague comes over and lo and behold, I've been dragged into performing for our annual dinner & dance. It's a small part, but I'll be dressed up in a period costume. The fitting's tomorrow.

On the shopping front, my colleague dragged me to Skin Food, a shop opened by her friend, located in Marina Square. The shop sells Skin Food, a brand of cutely packaged cosmetics from Korea, reminscent of Lush, except that these are pre-packaged (and not freshly-made like Lush) and definitely not as expensive. Their prices seem reasonable to me. I ended up buying a Seaweed Cleansing Gel (S$14.25 before GST) and a TU Balance Mask (S$5 before GST) because I had noticed that my combination skin had been oilier than usual lately. The make-up range had some very nice items, such as eyeshadow mousse, nail polish (cheap at S$4) and - get this - diet lip balm, which apparently contains "appetite suppressing fennel and grapefruit extract for aroma therapy diet effect". One of the sheet masks my colleague purchased promised to alleviate stress, relax the soul and "enhance immortality". Ah, Engrish. What would we do without it?

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