Saturday, January 07, 2006

All right. I managed to get a three-and-a-half hour nap, waking up every hour or so, getting increasingly less confused and dazed as the hours passed by. The only thing is that now, I'm wide awake and very buzzed. I anticipate that in an hour's time, I'll be all dressed, have made use of my newly acquired Party On temple balm (from Lush) and will have collected my Zouk membership card. It would figure that the first place I hit once I get home is my other home in Singapore, wouldn't it?

On another note, I just watched an incredible episode of House - 1.21 Three Stories. It was gripping, wonderfully edited, funny, sad and touching all at the same time. Incidentally, this episode won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series.

I don't follow House as much as I follow say, C.S.I. or The O.C. (as I'm not home early enough on Thursday nights and definitely not home on Saturday nights), but after this episode - and seeing the great characters of House and Cuddy, I'll definitely try my best to keep up.

And... on things to look forward to (not sure if I'm gonna make all of them though):
7 Jan (yes, tonight) - Dave Seaman - Zouk
9 Jan - Roger Sanchez - Zouk
13 Jan - Bob Sinclar - Zouk (check out Love Generation. I so totally love that song now.)
14 Jan - Marco Bailey - Zouk
27 Jan - Adam Freeland (!) - Ministry of Sound
28 Jan - Sessions with Shameless - Phuture / Aldrin - Zouk
30 Jan - Paul van Dyk - Zouk

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eternity said...

well i m from singapore..juz tat i hav been globe travelling 2 different countries not only 4 holidays but also 2 check out the trance scene elsewhere..

thanks 4 the update but not reali a fan of pvd..he used 2 b recent album "the politics of dancing 2" was well reali a thumbs down..

he has gone from great from the likes of tracks like "for an angel", "forbidden fruit" etc to this state...

guess this shows der comes a time when everythin gd must end..

p.s. my email add is can add me on msn..mayb can send ya some tracks if u like