Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Chinese New Year holidays are almost over. Final tally:
No. of homes visited: 2 (I have a small family)
No. of movies watched: 2 (Garden State and Before Sunset)
No. of CNY parties attended: 1
No. of CNY parties thrown: 1
No. of drinks consumed (by me): 3 shots of absinthe (Versinthe), 3 large glasses of homemade (and therefore, ultra-strong) sangria, 1 shot of sex on the beach and 1 shot of sambuca (what do you do with the coffee beans?)
No. of scandals involved in: 0
No. of people told off: 1 (for bad manners)

All in all, a pretty good Chinese New Year. Organising parties is always a little stressful for me because I'm scared that people won't have a good time and I'm always running around, making sure people have drinks, have stuff to eat, etc. And I have fantastic parents who are incredibly cool in that they can talk and drink with my friends, and also because they had the foresight to buy a dishwasher many years ago so cleaning up isn't that bad. Thanks, Mum and Dad! I'm glad my friends had fun, and that nothing was broken in the process.

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