Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've been ever so busy so here's a quick recap of who/what I've seen over the past few weeks.
  • Frankie Knuckles @ MoS: The sound system was deafening despite my ear plugs such that there was nowhere on the dance floor where I could dance without having my brains blasted to bits. And though the set was decent, it was definitely not the standard I expected from one of the pioneers of house music. I was pretty tired and had a long day the next day, so headed off around 3 am, only to find that the music volume outside the club was still at a painful level. What the hell were the sound installation people thinking?
  • Rock for Good: The concert was most definitely worth the price I paid to get in... probably three times over (heh). Didn't really enjoy the first two bands up - Skyjuice and West Grand Boulevard - but that may have been due to the acoustics (RGS's sound system was most definitely not built to handle rock concerts) and the fact that I was among the oldest people there. Went to grab a coffee and returned in time to catch The Suns who rocked the house. It was skankadelic, man. Their act alone made the whole five hour concert worthwhile. I didn't enjoy Ronin one bit. They were just noisy. Going by the way they were talking to the crowd, it felt as if they were a heavy metal boyband. Electrico was pretty much what I expected them to be - nice, light, preppy alternative rock - with the possible exception of the last song which went "We're not made in the USA / But you got what you paid for anyway" which led to my friends and I trying to figure out what the heck they meant, before realising we were probably reading way too much into it and should just take it at face value.
  • Satoshi Tomiie @ Zouk: Satoshi was wonderful. The music was great, the crowd was up for it, and I wish I could have stayed till the end, but I had work to do the next day. Yes, even though this is my last week on the job.

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