Monday, March 27, 2006

The Times is running a special feature on Paris, City of Lights. Although I've been to Paris at least eight times, I'm not particularly enamoured of Parisians. Having been there in all four seasons, however, I can tell you that there is definitely something magical about the city, something that makes you more romantic, more susceptible to falling in love - either with the city, the fashion, the quaint little cafes, or just a random (non-Parisian) stranger you happen to meet. "This is Paris, after all, where a kiss is never just a kiss and love conquers all," as The Times says.

The articles in the feature make for nice, short reads, covering all things to do with love, from the language, to the movies set there, to sweet memories of those lucky enough to have had a Parisian romance. There's even a Lovers' Guide to Paris available for download. And if you loved Amelie, as I did, then you'll enjoy the guide to Amelie's Paris.

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