Tuesday, March 21, 2006

While contemplating shirt designs for the Threadless US$10 sale ending tomorrow, I decided to ask a friend for advice without telling him what I was doing. This is how the conversation on MSN went.
Me: Do you prefer squirrels or octopuses?
Friend: As a pet?
Me (after a brief WTF? pause): No, in general.
Friend: Squirrels. Octupuses suck.
Me: Literally.
Friend: Er... why?
Me: Don't think about it if you hear weird squelching noises under your bed.
Friend: if you get me an octopus, I'll get him to help out with housekeeping.
I love how surreal my conversations with said friend get.

Sadly for me, Nuts sold out when I went down to get my credit card. Awww, NUTS!

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