Monday, May 22, 2006

Before this morning, the only thing I knew was that I'd be going into work and having a meeting regarding the regional council which is being set up to help develop and guide the junior resources in my division in Asia (of which I am one). I had volunteered to be on the committee and today, we were meeting for the first time and would have to choose a chairperson.

Given my newness in the company, as well as my natural fear of public speaking - my face turns red and my legs start to tremble in the more extreme cases (which is why I tend to be wearing a pants suit whenever I have to give a presentation) - I didn't think I wanted to put myself through this, having usually been content with following and assisting, rather than leading and inspiring. However, as I got into the office, I thought, heck it! I've been a leader before - in secondary school, in university, heck, even in my previous job - and I damn well can do this too. I've always liked a challenge and this seemed to me an ideal time to finally get over my natural fear of public speaking and senior managers. And yes, it'd do wonders for my career development if I get it right.

So, in the afternoon, and starting to exhibit the symptoms of over-caffeination, I stepped up to the plate, and went head to head with the other candidate (who was pretty strong and would probably have made a good chairman since his location has a larger number of junior resources than mine does) and tried to persuade the others on the committee to vote for me. And I succeeded.

I'm thrilled, excited and scared. But I've done this before. I've been thrown into the deep end and done more than just survive. And I sure as heck can ace this too.

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