Sunday, June 11, 2006

After catching The Vegetable Orchestra, my friends and I, who hadn't eaten dinner because we were told that there was going to be soup served at the concert and indeed, there was, but a small cup of it, were faced with the same problem I encountered the last time I caught an evening show at Jubilee Hall. Where were we going to find nice hot food at 9.30 pm?
And that's how we found the gem that is Miss Clarity Cafe. Located on Purvis Street, this cafe is very pink (but is also decorated with some other pastel colours), and offers good food at really cheap prices. The waitstaff are incredibly perky, to the point that my friends and I started making jokes about how either there must have been canisters of laughing gas hidden in the back or that the kitchen staff must be very grumpy or sad in order to maintain the cosmic balance.
For dinner, I ordered Pork Remoulade (I think, I can't quite recall the name) which was a large pork chop stuffed with sausage and came with cabbage disguised as sauerkraut but lacked the great sour taste of the latter, and that cost only S$8. My friend ordered the Chicken Ballotine which came in a similarly large size and cost S$8 as well.

You can add S$3 to get a soup or a salad and a dessert (a small scoop of mango sorbet), but in my opinion, the additional S$3 isn't worth it if you want to try one of the real desserts, as the choosing the set option only lets you get 50 cents off the price of any item on the dessert menu.

And mind you, if you do come to this place, you should definitely try some of their desserts. I have heard good things about the Bread and Butter Pudding, but pudding really isn't something I usually enjoy so I chose to go for the Mud Ooze, one of the cafe's specialties and highly recommended by the waitress, as well as a Chocolate Fondue to be shared among the five of us. The Mud Ooze, a hot fudge chocolate souffle-like concoction, was great although the vanilla ice-cream didn't go well with it at all as the ice-cream tasted well, cheap and artificially sweet.

The Chocolate Fondue was made from Valrhona chocolate and came with an assortment of fruit and marshmallows. Although the waitress wasn't well-versed on the intricacies of chocolate (responding, "well, it comes with all kinds of fruit, I can't tell you what proportion" to my friend's query on the percentage composition of the chocolate), she waxed on about the greatness of Valrhona which she only discovered when she started her job at the cafe. My friends and I, with the benefit of having studied overseas, were of course very familiar with the pedigree of that brand, and decided that we could jolly well afford to try out the fondue especially given that a small pot for two to three people was less than S$8!

And indeed it was money well spent. It was delicious, especially with the banana slices.

The only complaint I had about the cafe was that it was really noisy. It was packed at 10 pm on a Thursday night and it was so loud that the volume almost hurt my ears.

Miss Clarity Cafe
5 Purvis Street
Tel: 6339 4803
Open 7am to 11pm

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