Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back on stage, the last thing you might now expect to see is some of the most jaw-droppingly brilliant breakdancing this side of a Jason Nevins video. Teamed with a spot of stripping. "Eess so hot in here, I have to take off my pantelone!" announces Miguel. The others follow suit and suddenly Archerio is vigorously spinning on his head in a tiny pair of 1970s swimming trunks and knee-high socks, while Kengo windmills about the stage at high speed, wearing just baggy Y-fronts and a huge smile. Somehow they manage to sing in between too. Miguel, meanwhile, has stripped to a shiny, silver thong and feigns backache, bending over gratuitously to reveal, well, a lot more than it'd be lady-like to take too close a look at. Though that's not always possible: Miguel has been known to strip completely - and then stage-dive. Whether it's the unusual combination of laughing violently while dancing, the joyously cheesy tunes, or just the energy and huge smiles emanating from the stage, there's something euphoric in the air. Welcome to the wonderful, weird and totally brilliant world of the Cuban Brothers.
Tonight. Heineken Green Room Sessions. Zouk. 10 pm.

Am I going to be there? Hell ya. If they're even half as good as what I've read, then it'll be entirely worth it.

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