Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Signs that it's not going to be a good day:
  • You feel like you need a good drink early in the morning. Heck, you feel like you need several good strong stiff drinks at 10.30 am.
  • When asked about whether you've done a certain task, you answer, "No, I've been doing my best to churn out reports as fast as I can while waiting for a quick, painless death."
Both of which I did/said today.

On the flipside, the highlights of my day were:
  • Having a 1.5 hour long lunch with a friend who I hadn't caught up with in a while, and
  • Scarfing down some incredibly delicious meatball porridge which my dad bought home for my dinner after getting home from work half an hour ago.
In other news, my friend in Hong Kong has pushed back her wedding till next year. I had been intending to redeem my airmiles to fly there, but now, I don't have to, although my airmiles still expire this year. Where should I go instead?

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