Monday, December 18, 2006

I went to Swirl on Saturday just to check it out as there was a gorgeous shirt dress designed by Dotted Line which I wanted to try on, and subsequently, perchance purchase. Unfortunately, it was sold out and I ended up buying the sparkle dress instead. The latter definitely isn't as nice as the former, but still, it's something different and it's suitable for the office, and it makes me look damn sweet. The smoothness of the silk on my skin played a large part in my buying it after my initial disappointment too.

Prior to that, I was at Rapunsale and didn't buy anything much, other than a postcard with my initial on it (or rather, I bought one with my friend's initial and she bought the one with mine and we exchanged it), a Christmas card from White Dog Bobby (and got a free keychain worth more than the card because, I guess, of the sheer joie de vivre I was giving off and the general tao2 hua1 yun4 I've been experiencing lately) and a notebook from The Asylum.

Shopping is becoming an expensive habit to maintain. I am so looking forward to January and finding out what I get for slogging so hard this year.

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