Thursday, January 18, 2007

For all those career-focussed people out there who are trying most valiantly to still maintain some semblance of a life, perhaps these tips from the Wall Street Journal may come in useful.

From How to Advance Your Career and Still Have a Personal Life:
  • Know when you work best. Many professionals are more productive at certain times of the day than others. Tackle challenging tasks during those hours and leave easy ones for when you're less energised.
  • Set deadlines, even if they're not due by a certain date. This forces you to work to the deadline.
  • Control your environment. The average full-time knowledge worker loses about two hours a day to office distractions, such as pop-ins from colleagues. To avert interruptions, place a sign on your door or desk that says you're busy. Also, devote a regular time slot for colleagues to stop by with questions or concerns. People will start working around it.
  • Eliminate unessential work. Identify low-value and inefficient tasks that you can remove from your plate.
  • Work on the go. This works if you have a Blackberry. When commuting to work, tackle noncritical issues such as scheduling meetings or approving projects. Drivers can listen to work-related podcasts or recorded books and make cellphone calls using a hands-free device.

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