Sunday, February 18, 2007

I didn't use to be such a make-up fiend until I started working. Prior to that, I, like many other girls, only wore make-up when going clubbing, fully aware that in the darkness of the club, and with the inevitable sweating that accompanied dancing for more than 15 minutes, all of our make-up magic would go to waste.

However, with the late hours, and the need to attempt not to look as if I'm terminally exhausted (it may speak for my dedication, but doesn't work too much in favour of my promotion prospects), I spend about ten to fifteen minutes every morning putting on make-up to make myself look more human.

And like most other make-up using females, I'm constantly on the lookout for something better... especially if it's a concealer. I swear that nothing I've used manages to disguise the dark circles and I would pay a lot for an eye cream that actually does what it says and a concealer that well, conceals, in the meantime.

So it was with great pleasure that I noticed that Smashbox is coming up with O-Glow, an intuitive blush. It doesn't look too expensive at US$26 and the reviews seem pretty positive so far. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the Sephora counter at the DFS store in Singapore stocks that.

On another note, Apothecary + Co. at the basement in Raffles City is a pretty nifty new shop which stocks skincare and beauty products from cult brands such as Pixi. The only bad thing is, if it's cult, you know it ain't gonna be cheap... which makes what I purchased from there such a neat find. As far as I know, Apothecary + Co. is the only store in Singapore which sells Carmex lip balm. I'm allergic to most lip balms, with the exception of Vaseline's Lip Therapy, which isn't available in Singapore, so Carmex, which works wonders on dry lips incredibly quickly, is a Godsend... and even more so, seeing as it's only S$3 for a 1/4 oz. jar! The only drawback is that it has a slightly medicated smell, but I've grown used to it and I really like the tingling effect it has on my lips shortly after application. Incidentally, Carmex and Vaseline's Lip Therapy are ranked nos. 3 and 4 respecitvely on Ciao's Top 10 Lip Care Products.

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