Saturday, February 03, 2007

I have been told once by this guy that I was too much of a career woman for us to ever work out as a long term relationship. To this day, I'm still not exactly sure what he was getting at. Was he saying I wouldn't have enough time for him? Or that work would stress me out far too much for us to be able to get along? Or that I'm earning more than him (given that I've worked longer), and his ego wouldn't be able to take that?

One thing's for sure. Those questions aren't ever going to get answered. And it makes even less sense when you factor in how we met - through a mutual friend working in the same industry as us both - and that we hadn't even dated long enough for him to pass such judgements.

And then, when I went to get my hair cut last month, I read an article in Her World or Female (the one which regularly goes out looking for the 50 most gorgeous people in Singapore) by this guy who wrote about an ex-girlfriend. She was beautiful, intelligent, had a great personality and working in a high-powered position in a high-powered industry. He couldn't take living up to all of that, and ended up dumping her and going for someone less ambitious, and less of a power -career-woman.

Disturbed by that, I mentioned all of this to my guy best friend the other day, and his first response was, "What did the guy expect? Did he want you to keep house for him?" followed by, "If he's not going to even give you a chance, then he's simply not worth it. It's his loss, not yours."

I will be the first to admit that I do have workaholic tendencies. I throw myself into work, seeking career advancement and remunerative rewards (something I'm happy my new company has given me), because - and I've said this many times, work doesn't let you down like people do. The past relationships I've had have most definitely left me with baggage, and it may be a little difficult for someone to get past that.

Still, if there's someone in my life who I like enough and who I think is worth it, I'll definitely do my best to make time for that person in spite of all the work goals I set myself each and every year. I shouldn't have to change the kind of person that I am: one who can afford to lead the kind of lifestyle she wants without being dependent on anyone else. I'm not leading an ultra-extravagant lifestyle, and I certainly don't go out every week or so purchasing branded goods, but I do the occasional shopping spree and I make no apologies for that.

Quite honestly though, there are times when I wonder whether I'll ever get married. Between my commitment issues and societal expectations and geographical constraints, that time looks a long way off... if it's even on the horizon.

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