Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's good to know that although I'll be missing out on a DJ I keep meaning to catch while I'm up in Hong Kong attending a friend's wedding next weekend, it'll be more than made up with the following weekend, with DJ Yoda coming in for Flava's 5th anniversary at Zouk.

DJ Yoda, one of Q Magazine's Top 10 DJs to see before you die a couple of years back, is a hip hop turntabulist. Although house music tends to rock my world a lot more, I still like going to see good DJs, regardless of the genre they spin. Not to mention the fact that of all the Star Wars characters, Jedi Master Yoda has always been my favourite. Heh. Completely irrelevant, I know, but I'm a girl who needs very little excuse to party. And after returning from ultra-expensive Hong Kong where it costs HK$300 (S$60) just to see Bob Sinclar, I'll be more than happy to return to my abode where I don't have to buy to get in, and more importantly, the drinks aren't that expensive either.

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