Thursday, March 15, 2007

I've been getting a few calls since I sent my details out to recruitment firms in Hong Kong, which is good, because, obviously, my CV is grabbing attention. The only thing is... whenever I talk to them, I feel so damn guilty, as if I'm betraying my boss and my company by entertaining the thought of leaving.

I have said that if I can make something happen faster for myself, then that's better for me, but still... I've been given what my company has promised to give me so far (as opposed to given me everything I've asked for which is a whole different ballgame) and I realise leaving will put them in a more difficult position, but still... if I can get to Hong Kong this year as opposed to next, or whenever the powers that be see fit to approve my request, then shouldn't I choose that path?

Man, I'm half hoping that an opportunity from a company not like my current employer comes through even though it isn't the most desirable of employers... just so in the event of my resignation, I would be moving to a non-competitor!

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