Saturday, April 28, 2007

I had an unexpected extended day out today which involved studying with a fellow CFA Level II candidate (my habit of bringing everything with me wherever I go paid off) and then catch the last twenty minutes of the Everton - Man U match at a nearby pub with the same friend.

The match was particularly amusing, given that my friend and I freaked out during half-time seeing as my BlackBerry handily informed us that Chelsea and Everton were both leading 1-0. Seeing as we're both Man U fans, we started talking about our favourite players, and who we felt were the most over-rated players. We then decided to try catching the last few minutes of the game, and entered the pub to see the scores for both games at 2-2, much to our relief. As you know by now, Man U beat Everton 4-2, and we were vastly amused to find that the three of the four players involved in the goals for Man U turned out to be players we had been dissing as mediocre just minutes before we entered the pub (Rooney and Phil Neville in my case, O'Shea in my friend's case). On that note, I apologise to you two; you're tops in my book... even if it was an own goal!

And just to add to the randomness, I was browsing TranceAddict's forums and came across this choice post which I feel captures the essence of the Catholic guilt complex perfectly. I should know, I definitely suffer from it!
Ah, that's the Catholics then, lots of interfering with boys [sic] bottoms there. The don't get earthquakes as much, [G]od just tells them they're all naughty from the start and they spend their lives trying to work of [sic] some kind of spiritual mortgage.

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