Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wow, I'm on Day 2 of Benji fangirldom. It sure didn't take much to convert me - just two workshops and one dance.

As some of my friends know, I really wasn't a big fan of Benji's during So You Think You Can Dance. I thought he was too goofy and didn't take things seriously enough even though he was a swing dancer. Maybe it was because I didn't follow SYTYCD, but rather, only managed to catch the last two episodes thanks to my long office hours, so wasn't exposed to the full Benji effect. Incidentally, Benji's sister, Lacey, will be on the next season of SYTYCD.

Anecdotes from yesterday's workshops include Benji:
  • Telling us about how there is plenty of technique in swing dance and how he took offence at SYTYCD judge Mia Michaels telling him - and the rest of America - that he wasn't as technical a dancer as the other contestants. "I've been training, and now I can do as many spins as Nick and Travis. Ten pirouettes," he stated proudly. "And when I see Mia, I'm going to say, 'YEAH!'" making the universal "in your face" gesture. Hee!
  • Being slightly obsessed about a shellfish he had eaten for lunch (I'm guessing at the Victoria St food court) which stained his lips purple, which he noticed whenever he happened to look in the mirror for too long. "I didn't kiss anyone, I swear!" he told us.
  • Doing some pretty mean beatboxing when he put on a piece of music for the West Coast Swing workshop and asked us to feel the music. It reminded me of Lennart (from the Rhythm Hotshots) and his "boom boom be-dop shoo wop be dop" method of feeling of the music, which sounds rather weird when written down but works amazingly well.
  • Speaking Singlish which a bunch of young students from the West Coast Swing workshop were teaching him. "Si bei suay ah!" and "wah lau!" seemed to be among his favourites.
  • Taking his sweat-soaked Bruce Lee T-shirt off after the Swazz workshop and searching for the restroom so that he could change. Needless to say, us girls were delighted.

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