Monday, June 18, 2007

Warning: Link-heavy post up ahead.

I have had so much good food in the past week that I'm terribly afraid I'll gain weight. In no particular order, I visited:
  • Kaisan (Raffles Hotel) - Incredibly delicious Japanese food (omakase or chef's choice for between S$70 to S$90 per person for about six to eight courses of food). Probably the only Japanese restaurant I've been to where the chefs banter with the customers in Hokkien.
  • Men-Tei Japanese Noodles (Robinson Centre) - Great tonkotsu ramen served quickly in a small but cosy setting (S$13 for a bowl of ramen and unlimited green tea).
  • Beppu Menkan (Far East Square) - Extensive ramen menu where you can choose the level of spiciness of the soup (scale goes from one chilli to eight chillis). Being the adventurous person that I am, I opted for zero chillis. Tasty nonetheless. Bad points about this place is that you have to wait for a while before you get a table and that in spite of the many fans, it's really hot.
  • Ivory the Indian Kitchen (Clarke Quay) - Coastal Indian food and really friendly service. Very filling servings too.
  • Amara Food Court followed by dessert, a short walk to Chewy Junior for doughnut puff hybrids and Chocolat and Spice for muffins (all at Tanjong Pagar). The first thing I thought when I bit into the concoction from Chewy Junior was that the pseudo-cookie-puff could be crispier, but then again, they would've called it Crispy Junior if it was, yes?
  • Lee Wee Bros - incredibly delicious otah otah. Try the fish roe flavour. Spicy and sweet at the same time. Sedap lah!
I really need to start exercising again.

And I will write a longer review of these places one of these days... or maybe I'll just start from tomorrow, when my friend and I try out one of the places along Mohamed Sultan.

Indispensable Link
HungryGoWhere - A comprehensive and search-able database of restaurants and other F&B places in Singapore. Lists credit card promotions available at each restaurant.

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