Friday, August 17, 2007

For the last eight days, I have had three dreams about the CFA results. In one of them, I saw my results, and in the other two, I was struggling to get them while being pursued either by gangsters or spies.

I'm not entirely sure where those dreams came from, as I definitely didn't feel that jittery in reality.

Last night, I had no dreams whatsoever... namely because I couldn't sleep properly. I'm not sure of the reason why still. The first thing that I did when my alarm went off was to grab my Blackberry and check my e-mails. My eyes settled on an e-mail from the CFA Institute entitled "June 2007..." (truncated due to the width of the Blackberry screen) sent at 2.43 am. I opened up, wondering why the Institute would bother sending out an e-mail backdated to June, given that it was already August.

Hey, I was tired, okay? And I'd just convinced myself yesterday that the results were going to be released in Late August, which, as far as I was concerned, was next week.

So I dashed to my computer, logged on, re-set my password for the CFA Institute (same thing happened in my first dream) and scanned the screen being finding the part I'd been looking for: PASS.

Incredible. I went to work grinning like an idiot the whole morning.

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