Saturday, August 04, 2007

For the record, one of the reasons I go to concerts isn't just to see their genius up close and personal, but to be there physically to listen to the 'silly banter' and random covers and alternate versions of songs... essentially, stuff that you couldn't get off one of their CDs.

And though a three hour 10 minute concert with only two breaks in between is no doubt quite a feat, if I wanted to listen to a band play song after song after song and just that, I would have stayed home, and stuck their albums in a CD player.

Not that it was a bad concert, mind you. As I stated earlier, it was quite something watching The Cure go through quite a fair amount of their repertoire, and I did discover some songs which I'd not heard before which I quite enjoyed listening to (such as From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea and Three Imaginary Boys) but standing in high heels for over three and a half hours for a concert where I only knew about 25% of the songs on offer wasn't much fun. Yes, I know, it's my fault for wearing heels, but I'm not that tall and I wanted to make sure I could see! At one point, to distract myself from the pain and unfamiliarity, I even took out my Blackberry to check on my work e-mails.

Sorry, Mr. Smith, and to all your fans. I meant you no disrespect when I did that.

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