Friday, August 24, 2007

I caught up with an old friend over an excellent dinner at Kaisan earlier tonight. We both had big news; he's getting married and I'll be relocating. Strangely enough, the other part of our lives doesn't seem to fairing as well. He's having some trouble at work and I'm just incredibly bitter.

Me: I haven't seen you since you got attached... two years ago.
He: She's reasonably high maintenance.
Me: I used to think I was pretty okay on the maintenance side.
He: (snort)
Me: Well, not now obviously, because I'm just so bitter about men that it would take a lot to get through to me.
He: I've found that you usually find it when you're not looking.
Me: Hey, I'm not looking at all now because I'm just so fed up. I wouldn't even know it if it came up to me and bit me in the ass. In fact, if it did, I'd just turn around and go "what the f*** do you think you're doing?" and that'd be the end of it.
He: Oookay.

On the other hand, what was nice - other than our respective big pieces of news - was that in spite of our not having spoken to each other for a while, we just fell into place naturally. I really just love that with the people I've connected with over the course of my life, even though I haven't seen some of them for years, whenever we see each other and speak, it's like nothing's changed. We've changed obviously, but our relationship hasn't. And that's really comforting to know.

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