Sunday, August 12, 2007

I started displaying symptoms of an eyelid infection (aka blepharitis) back in late May when I was studying for my CFA exam. Over two months of medication on, my eye still hurts. In fact, unlike the gritty feeling I'm supposed to feel in my eye (or rather, not feel seeing as I've been using the steroid eyedrops, antibiotic ointment and eyelid cleanser since mid-June), it feels as if the corner of the infected eye is constantly being poked by a blunt stick (i.e. my eyeball or the corner at least feels bruised).

I've been to the National Eye Centre twice so far, after being referred by my GP, but there hasn't been much improvement, if any. As blepharitis does not affect one's vision, I'm not overly concerned about its impact, but I am seriously annoyed that I haven't been able to wear contacts for some time now, and also, that as long as the infection is there, the doctor will not be able to figure out whether I'm a suitable candidate for LASIK. Lastly, given that this is a chronic condition which tends to relapse (though, seriously, a chronic condition which takes months to heal and relapses would suck like ****), and that one of the symptoms is dry eyes, which LASIK tends to exacerbate, there's also a likelihood that I should not go for the surgery.

And if it turns out that my follow-up appointment - which is just a few days away - shows that I'm still suffering from the infection, I am going to get seriously p***ed. To not be able to wear contacts and not be able to go for LASIK? It's not that I'm that vain, but I don't have much of a bridge, and my glasses are constantly sliding down my nose. It makes it very hard to do any sort of physical activity. Ugh.

I am seriously contemplating of getting a second opinion given that the pain I described isn't a usual symptom of the infection, but the thing is... the doctor I'm seeing is very senior. It's worrying both ways, for her and for me.

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