Sunday, September 02, 2007

After a friend's girlfriend accidentally opened a can of worms by getting into a serious discussion about relationships with another clubber while chilling out at Wine Bar:
Friend: Why did you do that? I told you not to start talking to him about it!
Girlfriend: I just thought it would be rude to start walking into Zouk when a guy wants to pour his heart out.
Friend: Nah, they're all used to it. We've known one another for quite some time already. In fact, [LittleMissRandom] can tell you all about it being part of the group and a former girlfriend of a member of the group too.
Me: (Waking up) Huh? I thought that came from experience brought on by age... (as girlfriend is a couple of years younger than I am)

Later on, while talking to said former boyfriend
Me: So, what does it all mean? Someone wants to pour out their woes and the rest of you all just go off to Zouk?
Ex-bf: Sounds like a good plan. "I have girlfriend problems." "Let's go to Zouk." "I need some advice." "Let's go to Zouk."
Me: Ha ha! Or "I think she's cheating on me." "Flaming sambuca shots! Let's DRINK!"

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