Sunday, October 07, 2007

A research study published earlier this year stated that lack of sleep could affect a person's moral decision-making abilities. While sleep deprivation does not have an impact on the moral beliefs a person has, what it does affect are the response times when it comes to making decisions on what to do in certain situations, and also, a change in standards on the appropriate course of action to take in those situations.

I've definitely experienced this myself; whenever I'm exhausted (and these days, face it, that's every day), the choices I make (especially when I've been up for too long) are sometimes things I wouldn't have done had I had sufficient rest and energy when I was first confronted by those situations.

So while this isn't particularly earth-shattering, given today's 24/7 world, can we all be sure we're not letting our standards drop amidst all the sleep we're not getting? Check whether you are sleep deprived by taking this mini-quiz (at the Origins site. I couldn't find another quiz which was as user-friendly).

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