Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Inept customer service story of the day

Background: I have been waiting for close to a month for a credit card from a bank which starts with ‘C’ and ends with ‘K’ and leave it at that. I had not received it after more than three weeks when I was first informed that my application had been approved, and had called them up on January XX to inform them of that. At that point in time, I was told the card would be re-issued and sent to me.

To date, I have yet to receive the card.

This is how today’s customer service call went after my personal banker referred me to the Credit Card department.

Credit Card Department Representative: It says on our records that the credit card was sent to you two weeks ago. In this case, I would have to refer you to our Customer Service department as this is not a credit card issuing matter. Would you mind if I put you on hold while I transfer you?
Me: Fine.
Customer Service Representative (CSR): (after a brief explanation on my part) Our records say that your card has not been reissued.
Me: The lady just told me it had been reissued.
CSR: No, it has not. The reason why it has not been reissued is because a security block has been placed on your account. The block was placed on January XX.
Me: Excuse me?
CSR: There is a block on your account, hence, we were not able to reissue your card.
Me: I called up on January XX as I had yet to receive my card and requested for you to re-send it to me. The person I spoke to then informed me that he would place a security block on the card to prevent the card which I never received from being activated and would get the card re-issued. But, if I understand you correctly, even though I explicitly asked for the card to be re-sent, as a result of the block placed on it because I did not receive the card the first time around, you could not send it to me.
CSR: That is correct.
Me: That's ridiculous.
CSR: I am sorry, madam, but I will re-issue your card and you should receive it within two to three working days. Would that be okay?
Me: Do I have a choice?
CSR: I am sorry again, madam. Is that okay?
Me (resignedly): Fine.

I followed this up with a letter of complaint to their Service Quality Director. Let's see if he responds.

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