Sunday, January 20, 2008

There sure are a lot of really good indie music blogs out there. Several of my most recent discoveries are:
  • Daytrotter - Rather than offer album MP3s for downloads, Daytrotter offers "exclusive, re-worked, alternate versions of old songs and unreleased tracks by some of your favorite bands and by a lot of your next favorite bands." And instead of using stock photos for each Daytrotter artist session, the originators of this site use their own illustrations. The artwork is pretty commendable. Recent sessions include Architecture in Helsinki and The Brunettes. Found while looking for Bonnie Prince Billy - New Partner, after having heard it on Radio 1 the night before.
  • Let's Sexy Fighting - This site aims to introduce people to new music. It was through this site that I found Final Fantasy's fantastically mind-blowing remix of Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead.
  • Skatterbrain - Skatterbrain is a Maryland-based blog which covers the global scene, and through which I discovered Cloudberry Records, a record label which, besides being named after one of my favourite things from Sweden, also has MP3s from its artists on its website available for free downloading. It was also through Skatterbrain that I discovered a band from Iceland called Singapore Sling. How odd... and not exactly my cup of tea, but I do wonder how and why an Icelandic band would choose to name themselves after the signature drink of my home country!
  • Indie MP3 - This blog is the partner site of Lost Music Records and has writers based in England, Sweden, Iceland & Germany.
  • Rare Indie Classics - Rare Indie Classics offers readers a chance to listen to classic indie songs which were usually heard by the author on the John Peel radio show. Among some of his more recent listings include the original version of James - Sit Down (i.e. not the live one we have all heard) and a couple of live performances from Tiger.

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