Friday, March 28, 2008

I spent the night of Easter Sunday celebrating the beginning of spring at Loft Party at The Light, enjoying a marathon set by David Mancuso from 5 pm to 12 midnight. Although I had no one to go with, given that David is one of the pioneers of the modern clubbing scene as we know it, how could I possibly miss out? Besides, Loft Party is only held three to four times a year, and the parties always sell out. And as the icing on the cake, the organisers were also providing free food, free water and a free cloakroom. All for only £20!

I arrived at The Light at 7.30 pm. I figured that was early enough to catch the majority of The Man's set, but not so early that there wouldn't be too many people around. As it turned out, I was wrong; the cloakroom was full and the floor was filled with dancers. The room was really nicely decorated with lots and lots of balloons tied to the rafters ,and yellow flowers adorning the furniture. I felt rather shy and out of place upon my arrival, so I figured I would go down and get a drink to relax.

Along the way, I discovered where the free food was being served and partook of some incredibly wonderful vegetarian food catered by Leon Lewis, a veteran of the festival catering scene. Although I had eaten a light dinner earlier (in case the free food had run out by the time I got there), the food was so delicious that I pretty much ate a second, full dinner. Leon's fruit cake was delectably rich, and reminded me of the brandy-soaked fruit cake my grandmother used to make for us every Christmas when I was little. I really loved her fruit cake, and I haven't found anything which comes close to how hers tasted until now.

After gorging myself, I grabbed a Fruli, a strawberry flavoured beer which must be the girliest beer ever made. Nevertheless, with a 4.1% alcohol content, it did the job. Once I got back up to the dance floor, I found myself a little space near the DJ booth and started dancing while watching David DJ. I liked his set up; there was a mini table lamp by one of the turntables which David turned on and off whenever he needed to see. On top of that, he also wielded a pocket torch and wore a pair of reading glasses around his neck, which impressed me greatly because he could just have easily decided to retire from DJing once the infirmities of old age started to afflict him.

After dancing for a bit, I took a break before returning to the dance floor at about 11 pm whereupon I proceeded to dance my socks off. Along the way, more people came up to chat with me, including an incredibly stoned Greek. One of them even offered me poppers, though I politely declined. Another one of them attempted to get my attention by dancing next to me for some time, and while I smiled - I do love to see people enjoying themselves dancing - I didn't really take notice of him.

So, there I was, dancing away to David Mancuso's glorious mix of disco and house tunes, a mix which reminded me distinctly of Danny Tenaglia's marathon sets, a resemblance made even stronger when David put on Laid Back - Ride The White Horse. I have never been a big fan of disco. In fact, I'm such a non-fan that the few times I've stepped into 54 at the Ministry of Sound in Singapore, I had to drink several drinks in quick succession just so I could endure being in that room. But on this night, I realised just how far I'd come, because I absolutely loved the tunes that David was putting on. It was most definitely one of the most enjoyable musical journeys I have ever had the pleasure and privilege to take.

And to make the night even better, David played a full hour beyond his allotted time. We all thought the party would end at midnight, but he just kept on going, putting on tune after tune after tune. It was clear to all of us on the dance floor (and much to the dismay of my aching feet) that if he could, he would go on spinning for the rest of the night. Alas, at 1 am, the manager of the bar asked him to stop (for licensing reasons, I suspect) and we all made our way out of the bar wearily.

It was at this point in time when the previously mentioned guy who was dancing near me came up to cheat. We were walking in the same direction on this incredibly cold night and at one point, he grabbed my hand, saying that we shouldn't waste our body heat. I was so startled that the moment he released my hand, I stuffed it into my coat pocket. As I neared my intended destination, he asked for my number and suggested that we meet up soon and take a walk by the river. Then he kissed me on the cheek and bade me goodnight.

I mention this incident primarily because, to me, it illustrates the vast gap between what men here want, and what I'm willing to offer. I don't really see myself getting into a serious relationship with any guy here any time soon, simply because of this fundamental difference, but I sure hope I am wrong.

In any case, Loft Party was amazing and I look forward to its fifth anniversary in June. I'll definitely be going to enjoy the genius that is David Mancuso once again.


Michelle said...

I love Fruli!! Drink an extra two (or ten) for me next time you get the opportunity. The Spitz (on Commercial Street, but I think it had closed by the time you moved into the area) was my main source of Fruli but used to sell out of it all the time, and I was like "Surely no one else except me is drinking this incredibly girly, but totally delicious, drink?"

Re: London guy scene, surely that is just par for the course for London clubbing? Seems pretty much what I used to encounter, nothing much has changed. You'll meet the great guys elsewhere, where they can actually hear your conversation and aren't just ogling you. :)

Little Miss Random said...

I Googled the Spitz, and I think it moved in October, before I arrived in London. I haven't seen Fruli sold anywhere else other than The Light and in a pub near Borough Market (where they serve it draught!). It's definitely my preferred beer of choice even though I've done my best to eschew typically girly beverages in the past.

And coming off a week where I worked until midnight every single night except yesterday, coupled with the fact that I've been ill with a cold since the previous week, it does feel like I've got the same problem as I did in Singapore, which is that I spent too much time at work, and only got to meet new people in bars and clubs!

But enough whining. Spring's here and summer's not too far off! :) The additional light and warmth have been helping to make me much happier and a little more outgoing, so who knows?