Thursday, April 03, 2008

Recent posts would suggest that I am thoroughly infatuated with the Lad. All I can say, in my usual long-winded way, is that that is not an inaccurate statement.

It used to be that he would brighten up the later part of my week but I would be able to leave for the weekend, get on with my life and come back in on Monday, with my crush at a manageable level, having been free of him for two whole days.

But one fine Friday evening, that all changed. By that time, I had realised that this wasn't just an ordinary office crush, which is, I'm told, fairly common and actually quite pleasant because it makes you look forward to going to work, but doesn't really affect you to any other degree. This, however seems to be something which had the potential to make my going to the office both a pleasure and a pain simultaneously. As I mentioned before, it does make going to work a less torturous experience, but what's the point if I know nothing can ever come of it?

Anyway, that Friday, the Lad had a party to go to and changed into his civilian clothing before leaving for the day. When he reappeared in his fitting (but not at all in a gay way) t-shirt and jeans combo, I was thoroughly bowled over. This was, quite naturally, rather different compared to our usual office gear. But more to the point, he looked absolutely stunning. His body looked fantastic, and his arms, a part never usually seen bare because office dress codes dictate that long-sleeve shirts are in order, were nicely muscular. I was gobsmacked. I knew he was fit (he goes to the gym quite often and does sports as well) but had never actually seen the evidence presented quite so boldly before.

It would be no exaggeration for me to state that he, looking as fantastic as he did that night, took my breath away. I stood there for a while, quietly admiring the view while he chatted with the other guys in the office. 

And then I collected myself, realised what I was doing, and the effect he was having on me, and went "Oh s***. This is not good," grabbed my things and left the office as quickly as I could.

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