Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So, after an unhappy Saturday football-wise which almost ended in tears (of frustration and anger, not sadness), I am happy again. After seeing Sir Alex's line-up which featured Nani, who had a disastrous showing against Chelsea, and realising we were without Vidic and Rooney, I decided skipping my dance class because I could not take the stress of watching another game which I felt we would lose, because all Barcelona needed was a score draw.

Naturally, I am feeling a little happier with the world, and am now hoping for an all-red final in the Red Square with the correct red to win. We'll see.

On another note, a team of scientists over at the Museum of New Zealand are thawing a colossal giant squid which weighs close to 500 kgs. The squid was caught by accident by fisherman in February 2007. You can catch the thawing process, which began the afternoon of April 28th, Wellington time, live on camera. If your connection's not fast enough to handle the webcast, you can also check out the scientists' blog.

At first glance, I did not realise how large the squid is. Then someone wandered into the frame, providing me with a benchmark, and my first reaction was, "My gosh, it's bigger than a car!" And that was just its head! And, apparently, this specimen may just be a minnow compared to the rest of the colossal squid family. How fascinating! Now this is the sort of news which makes me want to take up deep-sea diving!

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