Thursday, May 22, 2008

Glory, Glory, Man United! Champions of Europe!


I was so excited this morning, I could hardly work. And it was obvious which team I was supporting from what I was wearing. And by the time the match came around, I was just buzzing.

Two great teams, both with brilliant strikers and fantastic keepers... the most one could ask for was for both teams to give it their all, not to mention playing fairly. And for the most part, they did, though Drogba - in slapping Vidic in front of the referee - really evoked memories of Zidane's headbutt of Materazzi during the France vs. Italy World Cup Final in 2006, when Italy - also my team - went on to win on penalties.

Of course, I was biting my nails throughout the match. I was so upset when Ronaldo's - of all people - penalty was saved, and screaming my lungs out when Terry missed, and then Anelka's was saved by Van der Sar.

After that, my friend commented that he'd never seen me so happy. And to top things off, I was shaking really hard. And while I probably would have cried if we had lost, the converse didn't hold true. I did feel a little bad for the grown men crying around me though... but obviously not bad enough to keep from cheering and screaming in sheer ecstasy.

For today, all else was inconsequential

And after the Double, I feel re-energised. Bring on the CFA! The Treble beckons! RRRRARRRR!

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