Saturday, July 05, 2008

After a incredibly taxing few work weeks (think this is going to be the first weekend I won't be going into the office to finish something up), I was very much looking forward to Wild in the Country only to find out yesterday evening that it had been cancelled.

Apparently, "[t]he cancellation is due to lower than expected ticket sales and a key investor withdrawing at the last minute, leaving the event in an unsustainable position."

When I first saw the line-up for WitC a few weeks ago, I thought it looked amazing: Sasha, Danny Tenaglia, Faithless, 2ManyDJs, Richie Hawtin. Mylo, Booka Shade, Hercules & Love Affair and so on... and it was organised by Renaissance too. How could anyone who loved clubbing not go for it?

Well, I guess I know now! I really hope I can get a refund for my tickets and my transportation. To pull a festival with less than 2 days notice is really unprofessional.

Tickets for my back-up option - the six hour boat party with James Zabiela - have also been sold out, though to be fair, I'm not too keen on going to parties by myself where there isn't a variety of acts, or an easy escape route.

As for me, personally? Well... it's just another in a long list of disappointing weekends, having had my dress sold two weekends ago, a friend cancel on me last week, and now this... all on top of my dissatisfaction with work. 

I feel depressed. Right and properly depressed.

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