Friday, July 25, 2008

Received an e-mail from Ben & Jerry's on what to expect at tomorrow's Sundae on the Common:

  • 20 fantastic flavours of free ice cream, including our delicious 'Wich and brand spanking new sorbets
  • Mystic Moo - our part-seeing, part-knowing psychic cow
  • Animal Farm- as far as we know they don’t speak and aren’t planning a revolution but you never know…
  • Our very own Climate Change Ambassador, the Worminator, with climate change activities & weirdly wonderful wormy prizes
  • Jamaican Me Crazy sorbet stand with steel drums, no less
  • Ben & Jerry’s goodies stall
  • Fairtrade Foundation’s banana jousting
  • Toe wrestling – a toe-tally twisted championship for all!
  • Jerry - Ben & Jerry’s very own co-founder!
  • A free map, guide, ice cream scoop stamping game and even money-off vouchers for Ben & Jerry’s, so that you can re-create the festival in your house afterwards

All of this, on top of getting to see The Charlatans, Florence and the Machine (who received a great write-up in The Independent) and the Guillemots (for the third time this year but they are awesome live and I really wish they would sing Annie, Let's Not Wait) ... a great weekend beckons.

Looking forward to it - viral infection or no!

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