Saturday, August 02, 2008

I keep saying I'll post more on the events I've been to but somehow never do just because the backlog keeps building up! So here're a couple of sentences on Sundae on the Common.

Why did I go?
  1. The Guillemots
  2. Unlimited ice-cream
  3. Fairground attractions

This performance by Fyfe of Falling Out of Reach best illustrates why I love the Guillemots so much to the point that I've gone to see them three times so far since March. Each time has been absolutely magical, filled with great musical ability and incredibly quirky showmanship ("Follow my leg." Hee!). The part starting at 3:29 was definitely a nice touch. I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching them. I love listening to Made Up Love Song #43 live, although I do wish they would play Annie, Let's Not Wait just once!

But the song which completely blew me away was their performance of Don't Look Down. When I heard them play it, I was absolutely breathless. It just felt as if every single element of music I love was combined into one perfect song. It's part Coldplay, part U2, part Snow Patrol. I know that sounds weird, messy and potentially hideous, but it's not. The song starts off sounding rather serious before turning rather hopeful and pretty as the other instruments and backing vocals kick in, and then all of a sudden, it builds up into a heady, frenetic, almost-chaotic second half... in fact, this part is almost drum and bass-like. The live performance mesmerised me compeltely.

And on someone fuelled by four scoops of incredibly delicious ice-cream, that isn't an easy thing to do.

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