Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have been trying for close to a year now to get some CDs back from a "friend" who borrowed them more than two years ago. This person, while initially responsive, has now chosen to ignore all the messages I have sent her; more to the point, her phone number is no longer in use.

I know she's still around, as I've seen her tagged in photos on Facebook, and it galls me that she doesn't have the slightest shred of integrity to return my CDs to me, CDs which I spent several months looking for because they're quite rare and aren't sold in Singapore, CDs which I freely offered to lend her when she said she wanted to listen to them.

Perhaps she's one of those people who thinks that, simply because of the job I have, I can jolly well afford to repurchase them, even if they are rare, and more expensive than a mass-produced album. Be that as it may, the point remains: I should not have to do any such thing. Those CDs are mine, and if she continues to keep them without bothering to speak to me at all, then, she's nothing more than a thieving bitch. Plain and simple.

Freaking hell.

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