Thursday, September 04, 2008

What I did ate on my summer vacation:
  • Dim sum (including proper char siu and siu yoke and char siu shou)
  • Chilli crab (Kim's Place)
  • Bak chor mee (Food Republic)
  • Ngoh hiang (Food Republic)
  • Iced Milo (Toast Box)
  • Steamed egg (as only my mother can make it)
  • 7-course Pleasure Lunch set (Xi Yan)
  • Black Forest Valhrona Cake (Book Cafe)
  • Deep fried soft shell crab with lots of garlic (Thai Express)
  • Cookie Spin (Spinelli)
  • Ban mian (Kopitiam)

As an added and unexpected bonus, half of these were eaten while accompanied by the boyfriend.

I feel like I should go on a one week no-eating break but I still have a few more on my list to tick off, namely, Milo dinosaur, carrot cake, prawn mee, Chin Mee Chin kaya buns and good Japanese food (to be tackled tomorrow). Optionals would include Sage, Pasta Brava, a steak or burger from Astons and chicken rice.

Of course, my mother's cooking trumps any of these any day, so that means I don't have much time left to tackle even the essentials on my list!

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