Monday, September 08, 2008

While being shown around Jakarta, our ever-accommodating friend played tour guide and told us about the ins and outs of the spa industry in Jakarta:

Tour guide: So, spas are closed during fasting month, except for the spas which are located in hotels.
Friend 1: But we were recommended several spas which aren't in hotels and they seem to be open.
TG: That's why everything nowadays is called a hotel, even if they only have one room on the third floor.

(While talking about "happy endings")
TG: For the guys who still have some energy after dinner, you can go to Alexis Hotel - 7th floor of heaven.
(Alexis Hotel is also described by another web site as "not really a hotel, more like a bordello."

It's just the way our friend said the last phrase which made us laugh really hard.

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