Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bedrock's 10th anniversary at Matter was simply incredible. John Digweed was in fine form and I hated having to leave so early at 5.15 am when word on the street was that he would spin a ten-hour set ending at 8 am. At the same time, in spite of the tremendous amount of fun I had, I acknowledge I couldn't have lasted much longer, having fallen asleep a number of times on my feet even if, just a few seconds before that, I had been dancing my heart out. I think my sleep deprivation has reached serious levels and it's starting to happen more and more often now.

Diggers is one of my favourite DJs of all-time. Not only was he one of two who got me started in clubbing (the other being, of course, Sasha), but he's been great at ensuring that clubbing, or at least his sets and music, were kept accessible in a time when club prices were soaring; Bedrock nights were started to allow poor students to enjoy a quality night out at affordable prices). I'd been to Bedrock a couple of times (at least twice as far as I can remember) and I'd always had fun. Moreover, he's been in the business for years now and he's always been rated among the best DJs in the world... and he really is! Not like those DJs who rest on the laurels of glories past (*cough* Oakie *cough*).

Anyway, when I got there, after queueing up for 45 minutes in the ticketholders queue and a further 10 minutes for the cloakroom, I went straight for the packed BodyKinetic Dance Floor and proceeded to dance for the first hour entirely sober. I wasn't even bothered too much by the constant stream of human traffic. That's how good it was.

After that, I was rather thirsty and headed for the bar where I was served within an incredibly fast six minutes, opting for a bottle of water and a double vodka Red Bull to see me through the rest of the night. I went to the first floor balcony hoping to get a better view. Much to my surprise, there weren't too many people around the area overlooking the main dance floor. It was clearly crowded but there was enough space for me to dance the way I like to dance. I liked it there so much that I remained there for the next three hours, just taking in the visually stunning light show, the clearly enthralled crowd and, of course, Digweed's sheer genius. I thoroughly regretted voting for Carl Cox over Digweed in the DJ polls. What on earth was I thinking? Clearly no one rocks it better and harder than Digweed when he's on form. Enough said.

Digweed promised us a journey through ten years of Bedrock and he delivered us a set which was at times ambient, at times dark and at times just epic. At one point, he dropped a harder, techier version of Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool (Deep Forest 's Ice Cold @ The Equator Mix) which Sasha pretty much introduced to the world by playing it on Radio 1 in 1994. He also dropped the M.O.D.E. remix of Bedrock - Heaven Scent to end off the night, so I've read, which I really would have liked to hear on a professional sound system given that rates as one of my top ten clubbing tracks of all times.

All in all, it was a thoroughly wonderful night, only capped off by my taking the Thames Clipper to get myself on my merry way home. Matter still isn't the most convenient location in the world and it's doubtful I'm likely to go there when it's really cold out as it's even colder out there as a result of it being right by a massive body of water, but, all in all, the two nights I've been there, Carl Cox being the other one, have been good fun.

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