Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oh, the amazing powers of rice!

After dismantling my mobile and leaving it in a container of uncooked rice for 72 hours, it was almost back to normal, except that the 'vibrate' function was weaker than normal. Then a further two nights in the jar, and the phone seems as good as new... except that it rattles a little when I shake it because there are some rice grains stuck in it!

The only drawbacks were:

  1. Possibly contributing to the mistaken stereotypes of my race while in my friend's neighbourhood. After I returned home from a Halloween party (where the soaking took place) at 3 am, I walked to the 24 hour corner store while still in my costume to buy a container of rice. The storekeeper was probably thinking, "Those crazy Chinese. They eat rice all the time, any time!"
  2. Figuring out how to cart the container back to London. At first, reluctant to be parted from my mobile, even if it wasn't functioning, I thought about putting it in my hand luggage. Then realising it would be way too embarrassing to have to explain this
    to a customs officer, I decided - wisely - to put it in my check-in luggage.

But it works, it works, it works! I hope I never ever have to make use of this random piece of information ever again...

And FYI, those little silica gel packets you get in handbags and when you're moving work a lot faster than rice. And the gel's reusable though, as you can just bake them dry using the microwave or conventional oven, I believe.

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