Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I was in Selfridges over the weekend and noticed the Vosges counter and was astounded to find that Mo's Bacon Bar, 85g of incredibly delicious dark chocolate with smokey bacon (!) bar I discovered in the corner shop next to my friend's place in Brooklyn, was selling for £6, when I'd bought it for around $5 (I think).

£6! At one time, that would have been $12, but is now under $9. That's the same price as a 50g bar of Amedei! And Amedei's Chuao chocolate is the best chocolate I have ever eaten, and has the awards to back that up too.

Anyway, as it turns out, Selfridges had sold its entire stock of several hundred bars in 48 hours just a few days before I went.

Booyah! I am such a trendsetter. 

In all honesty, I love the bar. It's awesome. You can taste both the dark chocolate and the salty bacon and it's amazing. It's definitely not for everyone. P. loved it, which is brilliant, because it hurt to give him the only bar I had left from New York. MD, not so much, although he diplomatically thanked me for giving him the opportunity to try it once in his lifetime. Heh. A great way to repay him for having bought me three boxes of Chuao too... for €45!

If you do have the good fortune to come across this bar (especially at the price I bought it at, given that it apparently sells at between $7 to $10 in other US stores), give it a go. Just make sure you eat only one square at a time.

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