Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am starting to get a little annoyed with people coming up to me and telling me that, rather than looking for a job now, I should take the next three to six months off and just go travelling or take up a hobby or go to the theatre more often or something. It's almost as if they don't quite realise that one needs money to do all of these activities.

While I'm not exactly living on the poverty line, I am acutely aware that if the economic situation doesn't turn out as people hope it'll turn out this year (i.e. some signs of a recovery by late 2009), if I had done any of those things, I would probably fervently wish I hadn't, especially if I end up having to go for a high-cost MBA option.

On another note, I succumbed to two prevailing trends. I bought a mock croc patent belt and a leopard-print belt from Primark for a total cost of less than £5. Yes, ethical dubiousness be damned, I'm a total Primark convert.

Edited on February 3, 2009: After another Primark shopping blitz, I am now the proud owner of two slim belts (in patent black and patent blue), in addition to two gorgeous retro-inspired bras, and two retro necklaces. All this because I decided not to get warm thermal socks (such a mistake after all the snow) and forgot to get an eyeliner pencil sharpener last week.

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