Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sometimes I've got to wonder just how many knocks life is going to throw at me before it accepts that I simply will not go down without a fight... even if, for the past few days, all I've wanted to do is to go back to bed and just go a month without crying. Just one.

I'm trying to be understanding and patient, but, at the same time, I'm furious and hurt and just wondering whether there's anything there worth fighting for. There's a difference between not giving up and knowing when you should walk away. And I can't fight if no one's got my back. Not in this case.

That being said, I'm just getting through each day with unexpected pleasures, such as going to my local library and picking up the John Morton's Investing with the Grand Masters (which bizarrely includes HRH Prince of Wales as one such grand master) for only 50p, as well as finding these insanely aggressively cute Mr. T mugs by Tee and Toast available at Hidden Art [via Retro to Go].

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