Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love walking. This is one of the reasons I love London so. It's such a walkable city... when the weather's good. And the weather has been particularly mild this week. Yesterday evening, all I had on was a coat and a tracksuit and I wasn't cold at all. Amazing.

That being said, I'm not a particularly good walker. Twice in two days now - or if you'd prefer, twice in 24 hours - I've almost fallen down a flight of stairs. The first was yesterday night, while descending the stairs of a double-decker bus. I usually wait for the bus to come to a complete halt, given that I've injured my knee rather badly once before when a bus jerked forward, and thought that this was the case this time, but, once again, it jerked forward, just as I was halfway down the flight of stairs. I was more or less hurled down the last few steps and slammed into the wall at the bottom. However, I wasn't hurt. I don't quite remember what happened, but just remember the noise I made as I clattered down and hit the wall.

Then, today, after leaving an interview, I decided to walk down the stairs, only to slip at the top step. Thankfully, my dad has always admonished me to hold on to the railings. So I hung rather desperately at the top of the stairs for a couple of seconds, before managing to regain my footing and walk back down.

I really do need to be more careful. I keep thinking things can't possibly get any worse, but I guess they clearly can... even on days when I'm chanelling my inner Serena (from Gossip Girl) just to get through the day.

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