Sunday, February 08, 2009

So my random surfing has uncovered another money-saving tip from Canadian Living especially directed at females: what kind of make-up should one save on, and what should one spend on?

Ironically enough, it's at a time when you're unemployed that appearances matter the most. You need a new suit, new shirts, new everything so that you look good in interviews, and that also includes make-up. It's said the French never go without "polite make-up", that is to say, concealer and blusher. I didn't use to bother too much with that in Singapore as the humidity meant make-up would just melt right off you. In England, however, where one's susceptible is looking wan and pale, concealer and blusher are of the utmost importance... particularly if one's to meet potential employers. And wouldn't you know it? These are the two items of make-up which you shouldn't scrimp on. While holy grails vary from individual to individual, my concealer-of-choice is Benefit's Boi-ing (in 02 Medium), while M.A.C. does awesome blushers; I currently own three: Trace Gold (M.A.C. web-site description: fairylight gold with shimmer, I use this more as a bronzer and for parties), Secret Blush (dirty neutral plum, with gold pearl, my usual work look during the winter) and Hipness from the Fafi limited edition collection (intense coral with soft white pearl, usually on weekends or when I want a more summery look). When I don't want any strong colour on my face, I use Benefit's Dandelion, which was my usual look in Singapore, but doesn't seem to show up much in London.

I'm fortunate in that my lips are one of my best features and simple lip balm will do. That being said, I do have more than half a dozen tubes of lipstick. My go-to brand, as with most females, is M.A.C., however, drugstore brands such as Rimmel (available in Boots and Superdrug) and New York Color (available in Superdrug) have been touted as being almost as good at around one third (or less) of the price. Strangely enough, Rimmel, a UK brand, is more expensive in the UK than NYC is.

As for the rest... I occasionally use lip gloss and tend to stick to neutral eyeshadows. Here again, I love M.A.C. for these two, but I think drugstore brands work just as well, with GOSH (Superdrug) having been singled out for having eyeshadow shades very similar to M.A.C.'s.

And here endeth today's how to look good while not breaking the bank lesson.

Not that I'm any expert at all on these things. I'm a bit of a spendthrift and it's been difficult these last few months! Baby steps, I keep telling myself. Baby steps.

Now if only I knew where to get a reasonably-priced suit which still looks good after a couple of cleans...

P.S. Beauty Counter Direct are offering Boi-ing in 02 Medium at £7.50, a 52% saving of its usual retail price of £15.50! Use code "STU8" for a further 10% off. Cheapest delivery option is £2.99.

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