Thursday, April 16, 2009

I know, I know, I know. Susan Boyle from Britain's Got Talent has been written up by pretty much every periodical and blog out there. But her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream is certainly not to be missed, much in the same way that Paul Potts' rendition of Nessun Dorna a few years back was.

I was sniffly from the moment she started singing, and just started bawling the instant she nailed that oh-so-difficult part in "as they turn your dream to shame". I used to sing this (and many other songs) while walking home from school when I was much younger, and I could only ever dream of hitting that note. She sounds so similar to the Fantine in the Original London Cast recording of Les Miserables... or possibly better!

And because I mentioned not too long ago that I preferred popping and locking over breakdancing, I thought it would be appropriate to feature another Britain's Got Talent contestant, Flawless, just to illustrate my point.


Fat Les said...

Are you watching too much television?

Little Miss Random said...

It's all relative, isn't it? Compared to someone who doesn't watch television at all, then no.

Now if you'd asked, "are you watching too much YouTube?" The answer might well have been different!