Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So what became of cake guy (henceforth known as CG)? Well, I met up with him last week where we partook of a lovely walk through several parks (two, to be precise), before adjourning for - what else? - cake and coffee at old-style French cafe Richoux. I wished we'd gone back to Wild & Wood instead as the coffee and cake were nothing to shout about, and I found the service attentive but just a little - comment tu dit? - too French. The prices weren't exactly cheap either, but I guess that's what you get for being near the posh end of Piccadilly Circus.

St. James' Park

But, anyway. The walk. After a slightly inauspicious beginning on my part (I was ten minutes late as I had an unexpected number of phone calls to make and receive and couldn't jump in the tube), coupled with some good-natured humour on both our parts when we were establishing when and where to meet up, involving some directions worthy of a clandestine spy meeting provided by CG, we proceeded to, well, chat for the next three hours. We talked about books, parks, history and our individual passions and backgrounds, and it was all rather Before Sunrise-esque.

In the midst of all of this, I attempted to establish his age. I'm not a big stickler when it comes to age (evidently), but after MD, I'd much much rather go out with someone closer to my age, or older, and, clearly, CG didn't fit into that category. I still don't know how old he is, just that his birthday's just passed.


Speaking of birthdays, I wasn't entirely sure how to take his asking me out. I mean, he asked me out during the requisite 24 to 48 hour window which establishes that's he's keen (I suppose, according to friends), and, yet, he told me about his upcoming birthday celebrations... and didn't ask me to that, so I guess, not so keen. Plus, he didn't pay for my coffee and cake. I don't expect guys to pay for me, but I do expect that on a first date, as it were. I'm traditional like that, although I will go Dutch most of the time following that. I'm also stupid like that, but I don't generally like men feeling like they've paid for something other than just the meal or the movie, if you get my drift.

Anyway, I texted him over the weekend to wish him a happy birthday, but haven't received a response. I suppose he may have lost his phone and, hence, my number, but I'm not entirely sure I want to text after a non-response! (I'm not imagining things, by the way, as he mentioned that he'd almost lost his phone recently through sheer carelessness.)


To conclude, it's not as if I'm interested or anything, I must add. It's spring, and it seems traditional for all things to blossom during spring!


bellaphon said...

Difficult one, I'm more the go dutch type; these days boys and girls are equal. However If I suggested a place and my date didn't enjoy it much then I'll foot the entire bill. However if it's the other way around, being a little old fashioned as I'm, I'll still insist on going dutch.

I was initially going to comment on this mail of yours with simply- ...I digress.

Little Miss Random said...

Going Dutch means splitting the bill, so did you mean that you'd pick up the bill regardless? I assume you do, given the "old-fashioned" reference!

I am more equal, but I'm of the opinion that a guy should foot the bill if it's a first date. The same way he should attempt to open the door for the lady, but not like every single time afterwards. My father and brother are somewhat gentlemanly, and I was raised to look out for these things in men!

Not that I'm all that fussy, but now's not the time and place.

bellaphon said...

What I meant was if you'd suggested a place and I found it crap, I would still pay my half. And yes I would certainly open a door for you and likewise give the last remaining seat away except for certain circumstances like if one is cursed with Emma Royd.

Little Miss Random said...

Heh, nice to know that there're still good men out there! Of course, if the girl plays the Emma-relative card, Arthur Itis, then it'll be a tough fight! Fortunately for me, my chiropractor seems to have rectified my dodgy knees the last time I went back to Singapore.