Monday, April 06, 2009

Susan Smilie has published an extremely detailed post on last week's Chocs Away event on Word of Mouth where she says some very nice things about my recap, so thanks very much, Susan!

So that's what happened to the L'Artisan du Chocolat eggs! I went hunting for them after completing my circuit of the table and was rather disappointed I couldn't find them. Also, in a nice touch, Paul A. Young's chocolate tasting notes have been reproduced on the website. I didn't get to try the white silver tip tea from Rare Tea Company which a number of tasters have raved about, but I am fully intending to pick some up during my next trip to Waitrose.

I'm glad two of the Easter eggs which ranked in my top five tasted made it onto the not entirely scientific list of this year's tastiest Easter eggs, which proves that my choco taste buds weren't entirely shot after all.

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